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The series consisted of 96 episodes, and saw the conclusion of the long-running storyline involving the absconding of PC Des Taviner, who was believed to have been killed in an explosion in a Gas Tower, but managed to escape from the wreckage. This series continues to use games deposit by phone bill serialized format previously introduced by Paul Marquess during Series Storylines featured in this season include the departure of PC Cathy Bradford, after being uncovered as the murderer of Tanya Kane; the return of PC Des Taviner, who kidnaps PC Cameron Tait at gunpoint after discovering that his baby girl died whilst in Cameron's care; the departure of PC Nick Klein into witness protection after becoming the prime games deposit by phone bill of crime boss Dennis Weaver; the return of ill-fated ex-sergeant Don Beech, who concocts an elaborate plan to break out of prison and reclaim a haul of stolen diamonds; the death of PC Kerry Young at the hands of the Sun Hill sniper, who turns out to be none other than PC Gabriel Kent; and a long-running storyline involving the arrival of a crime family, the Radfords, who have history with DC Rob Thatcher - whose father died after being shot by Brian Radford during a security van raid.

As games deposit by phone bill celebration of the show's 21st anniversary, a special weekend of programmes were broadcast on UKTV Goldincluding a special mocku-mentary which featured cast members, past and present, mulling over their time at Sun Hill cricket real online money betting a quiet afternoon in the custody suite; as well several 'classic' episodes, past and present.

Another spin-off from the show, The Bill: Uncoveredwas also introduced; a series of four one-off documentaries narrated by their main star, telling the story of a particular character's path or journey throughout their time at Sun Hill.

Episodes broadcast during this series include "Des' Story" and "Kerry's Story". On 16 Octoberthe complete series was released on DVD in Australia as a Region 0, playable anywhere in the world.

The DVD synopsis removes all titles, and tallies the episodes by games deposit by phone bill. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burnside Murder Investigation Team — Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 23 Augustat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Series 20 DVD cover. When the suspect, Harry Turner, reveals he has a past history with Gold, he offers to games deposit by phone bill part in an obbo to bring down a major Sun Hill villain. Meanwhile, Kane is struggling to cope with the fact that Bradford has abducted his children. When Zoe manages to call her dad from Bradford's mobile, a search is directed towards the streets surrounding the station - but the entire station games deposit by phone bill unaware that Bradford has sneaked the kids into the station boiler room under their very noses.

A turf war threatens to blow up on the Cockroft estate between Kalisha Jarrett and her rival dealers, but when one of her henchmen runs down her nephew Wayne at her request, Wayne's brother Leo Price offers to help Smithy catch his evil aunt with the proceeds of a drug deal. However, when the raid yields a stash of fake drugs, Leo is furious to discover games deposit by phone bill his aunt may be off the hook.

Meanwhile, Bradford, still in the boiler room with Kane's kids, turns off the station heating in an attempt to leave a clue to her whereabouts. An engineer arrives to fix the problem, but when he is knocked unconscious by Bradford, Netent casino code and Harman arrive to find out that Bradford is closer than anyone expected.

Bradford promises to release Kane's kids in exchange for Kane as a hostage, but when Gold refuses, Okaro overrides her decision. Bradford then insists Kane choose between his children. Forcing Kane to handcuff himself, Bradford relives the events of the past year, games deposit by phone bill the games deposit by phone bill of Kane's wife Tanya.

The station is evacuated, and the TSG arrive to provide support. Bradford's stories become increasingly unbelievable, as she tells Kane that she was abducted by a serial killer as a child. Nixon and Sharpe trawl through Bradford's history and discover that she has been lying. TSG storm the boiler room and Bradford is arrested. Kane returns to work the next day but when he is conned by an elderly lady claiming to have had her car broken скачать europa casino на андроид, he hands in his resignation in to Okaro.

Best is seconded to CID, and paired with Perkins, the pair investigate games deposit by phone bill mugging of a city trader by two homeless ex-servicemen. Perkins is disgusted by the world the traders inhabit and is frustrated when he learns that the mugging was a revenge attack. When Best goes out on his own initiative and almost blows the case, Perkins takes matters into his own hands and threatens to reveal the trader's cocaine use.

Carver's wife turns up, begging him not to proceed with the trial against her for domestic violence. Stamp and Young arrest two teenagers, Curtis and Carla, on suspicion of mugging, but when Curtis admits stealing money from Carla's father, Reverend Andho, further investigation reveals that the minister has been skimming money off church funds, and games deposit by phone bill his theft has been authorised by Denise Okaro, the superintendent's wife.

Meanwhile, Okaro has problems of his own, when the new Borough Commander, Louise Campbell, announces that she is on her way to see him - and he panics that he will be berated for his neglect in the Bradford incident. Carver's wife takes the stand in court, but despite testimony from Kent, Marie claims self-defence. When her son takes games deposit by phone bill stand, the true stories unravel. Return of PC Des Taviner.

Nixon is tasked with investigating a gang who are making and distributing fake DVDs. Her investigations lead her to a pawnshop, where a stack of the fake DVDs are being prepared for shipping to a third-world country. But her determination to bring down the gun-toting leader of the gang leads to unexpected tragedy. Meanwhile, Okaro faces a tough time as the fraud investigations into his wife Denise's finances continue, and she is arrested, following the allegations of conspiracy to theft.

With scandal-hungry journalists gathering like vultures, it seems things can get no worse when she admits she does harbour feelings for the Rev Andho. Murphy believes she has sighted Taviner outside the station. Mark Straker guest stars. Hemmingway deals with a hysterical woman who is smashing up a shop. Discovering that she is a rape victim who is being traumatised and stalked by her attacker, Perkins and Sharpe step in to try to convince another of games deposit by phone bill rapist's victims to come forward and press charges after years of keeping quiet.

Okaro is forced to put his recent domestic troubles behind him and begins to build bridges with both the relief and his wife. Murphy is shaken by her sighting of Taviner the night before. Confused about why Taviner would come back to Sun Hill, Murphy becomes frantic when it appears baby Niamh has gone missing. When the baby is discovered safe and well, Murphy asks Tait to baby-sit. Murphy is rushed to hospital, where she comes to terms with the loss of her daughter - and her anguish is only compounded by the awful suspicion that Taviner may have had a hand in the tragedy.

Tait blames himself for the baby's death, and guilt-ridden, gets dangerously drunk, seeing solace in the arms of none other than Young - but his night soon results in an unexpected visit to casualty. Stamp and Harman arrest a retired villain for assaulting his future daughter-in-law, however, it soon transpires that there is much more to the case than first meets the eye. Manson muscles in and pulls rank on an angry Games deposit by phone bill after she tries to go above his click to see more and authorise an operation through Meadows.

Paul Copley and Richard Mayes guest star. Sharpe is assigned to what looks like a straightforward case of bigamy when two men are arrested fighting in the local library. After witnessing a fight custody, the suspect Leonard Noakes, admits to read article a man many years previously, but Sharpe finds Noakes' supposed victim alive and not-so-well in St Hugh's Hospital.

As the case gets more intriguing, Sharpe finds herself under scrutiny from Manson, who orders her to leave the case to MIT. When Ross requests her help, Sharpe can't help but close games deposit by phone bill the loose ends, but a furious Manson warns her that her card is marked.

Meanwhile, McAllister has babysitting issues, and Tait acts coldly towards Young after their unbridled night of passion. Following a tip-off from Perkins' snout, Manson goes undercover as a hitman for a woman who wants her husband killed.

As De Costa investigates the domestic violence aspect of the case, the husband's involvement in an actual murder is revealed. Stamp and Best trawl internet chat rooms looking for 'Hotpants', a suspected fraudster who has ripped off a number of "her" on-line admirers.

Murphy reveals that Taviner has been to see her. Taviner finds Games deposit by phone bill alone guarding the chapel of rest and Hollis lets slip that Tait was babysitting when Niamh died. Hollis admits to Gold that Taviner started the Sun Hill fire.

Tait небрежно eurocasino трубку Young go in casino elegance of a gang of teenage girls who have games deposit by phone bill shoplifting.

When they become separated, Tait is cornered by the gang, who subsequently strip him and spray a suspicious substance in his face. Tait arrives back at the yard half dressed, much to the happiness of his female colleagues.

Meanwhile, Carver finds a copy of Kent's birth certificate, and struggles over whether or not to inform Ackland. Murphy is devastated to discover an operation has been mounted to catch Taviner at their daughter's funeral, and believing Taviner's right to see his daughter, tries to inform him of the operation before he is arrested. When Ackland offers her a shoulder to cry on, she rebuffs her.

Nixon and Manson investigate a cigarette smuggling operation, but the pair come to blows when Nixon tries to exert her authority over the situation, and a furious Manson is forced to pull rank games deposit by phone bill the former acting detective inspector. Carver, unable to hide the truth any longer, confronts Ackland and informs her that her lover Kent is actually none other than her long-lost son. But does she believe him enough to stop her relationship with him?

Knowing that he has been set up, Taviner pays Murphy another visit - only to end up holding her and Tait hostage to keep them quiet over his escape, however Taviner realises it is just a matter of time before his colleagues online casino+no deposit looking for them. As the net closes in around an increasingly frustrated Taviner, he decides to let Murphy go free, on the grounds that she does not inform the Sun Hill top brass of his whereabouts.

Despite Murphy's adamance that Tait was in no way responsible for his baby's death, Taviner continues to keep Tait hostage, but the pair come games deposit by phone bill blows when Tait manages to connect with Taviner's personal games deposit by phone bill. Meanwhile, Ackland tries to find a suitable way to confront Kent over the shocking revelation that he is actually none other than her son.

But games deposit by phone bill Ackland backs him into a corner, he declines to reveal his true identity and vows to make life difficult for Ackland if she chooses to believe the malicious rumours.

Manson and Sharpe investigate the case of a missing girl and discover that it is the girl's abusive grandfather who games deposit by phone bill taken her away. Page returns to Sun Hill and is delighted to discover she can have a civilian position as CAD officer, but will the frustration of casino no deposit being a copper get to her?

Ackland assists with Manson and Sharpe's investigation, but the imminent exposure of Kent is games deposit by phone bill on her mind, and when Carver and Kent come to blows, things boil over.

Learn more here and Carver agree to keep quiet for Ackland's sake. Young confides in Hemmingway about her night of passion with Tait, and despite the fact it could be the start of something special, Smithy is not happy and threatens to games deposit by phone bill in their way. Jacqueline Leonard and Lloyd McGuire guest star. Nixon grudgingly works with Manson to locate dangerous escaped convict Eric Taylor, who has already eluded police twice.

When Taylor is spotted, Carver pursues visit web page into a swimming pool complex, and the two end up in the water.

Kent watches as the two struggle, and is going to let Carver drown - until the cavalry arrive. Posing as a housebuyer, "June Carver", an emotional Ackland visits her long-lost son and meets her granddaughter, but she is too afraid to tell him her real identity. When his former lover, Rachel Heath, arrives at the station on the eve of her trial for assault, Meadows discovers that Manson's father-in-law, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Met, has been using rent boys.

Guest appearance by Mickey Webb. McAllister investigates a vicious attack on two young teenage boys. Meadows' former lover Rachel Heath stands trial for assault, and threatens to go public and tell the court about their affair unless he agrees to help her. With his career on the line, Games deposit by phone bill makes a surprise proposal, which shocks Rachel to the core. Meanwhile, the pressure starts mounting for Manson when Sharpe implies she knows about his father-in-law's sordid sexual practices and fondness for rent boys.

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